OK #1

8124 E 21st Unit A, Tulsa OK, 74129OK #1

A Message and Update


Hi friends, Lucas here, the proprietor of OK #1 with an existential update. As some of you know, at the end of this month (specifically Saturday, July 29th) OK #1 is officially closing down. OK #1 was founded in 2019 as a labor of love and vengeance. The idea was to create a fully independent art space that could offer some small counter to what felt like a very restrictive, hegemonic, cronies-of-Kaiser controlled world of art institutions in Tulsa. The goal was something experimental, critical, and open to all the amazing artists, ideas, and projects that didn’t seem to have a home in Tulsa. The past four years have been really fulfilling, energizing, and rewarding, but this fall I’ll be leaving Tulsa to head back to school. I’m feeling very confident that OK #1 was never a particularly original idea, definitely not the first of its kind in Tulsa, certainly not the last, and I’m very excited to see what you amazing beautiful people get up to next. This is all to say… OK #1’s first ever event was the Tulsa Talent Show, and it seems like good symmetry to do the same for the last event. So please save the date (7/29), think of literally anything you might want to do in front of an audience for five to seven minutes (or less), and join us for the grand finale of OK #1. See you soon, with lots of love.


The Tulsa Talent Show

Saturday, July 29th at 8pm
Free - No Sign Up Required


Please join us for the Tulsa Talent Show, an OK #1 ~~Grand Finale~~ on Saturday, 7/29 at 8pm. The talent show is open to anyone and everyone, no sign ups required! Just show up with some thing you want to do in front of people.. it can be anything that can be done in about 5 minutes or less, and it does not have to be impressive or skillful or pleasing for an audience. Defining talent as broadly as humanly possible…. This is OK #1’s very final last event and it would be really lovely to see everyone that’s been involved in the space at some point or another over the past four years, and if you’ve never been before you should also come! As always it’s free and open to all, free beer free water. 😎😎

Lots of love and see you soon.


About OK #1

OK #1 is in a big room located at 8124 E 21st Unit A, in Tulsa, OK. The goal is to provide a simple space for ideas that wouldn't otherwise have a home in Tulsa. For the most part, this will take the form of lectures, performances, and workshops. In the interest of transparency and paying people for their work, we promise a $300 artist fee for any of OK #1's collaborators. On that note, if you would like to support future projects at OK #1, you can send us money at https://www.paypal.me/okno1. All donations* are exclusively reserved for artist fees, every $300 raised is an artist paid!

*As far as we know, "donations" are not tax deductible. OK #1 is a subsidiary of Pharma Corp LLC, which is in turn a shell corporation for the artist Lucas Wrench, who ultimately determines OK #1's programming schedule based on arbitrary curatorial preference.

But! If you would like to propose something for OK #1, send a short pitch to info@okno.one and we will either a) respond with interest and enthusiasm, or b) attempt to direct you towards someone who may be more interested and/or enthusiastic




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organized by Kris Rose

with Ramona and the Phantoms, Dave Dean's Musical Forklift, Skull of the Americas, and Rural Internet

Friday, June 30th at 7pm


OK #1 presents HAGFEST on Friday, June 30th at 7pm. Created by Kris Rose, HAGFEST is part funeral, part celebration, part miscellaneous gathering paying tribute to a generation of Tulsa weirdos, some of whom are still living. Join us for performances from Ramona and the Phantoms, Dave Dean's Musical Forklift, Little Rock AR's Skull of the Americas, and OKC's Rural Internet, plus comedy stylings from Lacie Rains and Peter Bedgood. This event is all ages, and free for all. Free hot dogs and free beer provided. Please feel free to bring flowers or food. Hope to see you there.

"Not For Resale" Poetry Journal Launch

with readings from Mathilde Chevalier, Elisa Harkins, and Xandra Kaste

Edited by Sydney Smith, with Lewis Freedman and Emily Hoffman


In June 2022 we journeyed to Dill City, Oklahoma to read poems down an abandoned oil well, and into the center of the earth. From this encounter with the abyss, an idea was born - a new poetry journal for Tulsa that could bring together poets near and far, utilizing a free print-on-demand Amazon exploit discovered by our old friends Lost in America. Now nearly a year later we are extremely excited to announce the launch of Not for Resale, created by Sydney Smith and edited with Lewis Freedman and Emily Hoffman. Join us next Thursday the 15th at 8pm for refreshments and poetry to celebrate the new journal and usher in a new era of poems on paper. Featuring contributing poets: Alexis Almeida, Eileen Myles, Maria Sledmere, Amalia Tenuta, Irene Silt, Julian Talamantez Brolaski, Kimberly Alidio, Lauren Russell, Wendy Lotterman, Caelan Ernest, RM Haines, Allison Brainard, Thomas Von Borstel, Trevor Bashaw, Elizabeth J Wenger, Xandra Kaste, Dean Rader, Benjamin Cissner, Stella Corso, Dennis Denisoff, Elisa Harkins, Brandon Shimoda, Jayson Keery, Momtaza Mehri, Mathilde Chevalier, and Jordan Dunn.

An Evening of Poetry and Performance with Gillian Walsh, Emily Hoffman, and Lucas Wrench

Saturday, May 13th at 8pm


Join us at OK #1 on Saturday, May 13th at 8pm for our latest installment in "An Evening of Poetry and Performance," with special visiting guest Gillian Walsh, our dear friend Emily Hoffman, and your local OK #1 proprietor Lucas Wrench. As always the evening is organized by OK #1 poet laureate Lewis Freedman. Free and open to all, free beer and free KN95s.

An Evening of Poetry and Performance with Jordan Dunn, Lisa Fishman, and Richard Meier

Saturday, April 22nd at 8pm


Join us at OK #1 on Saturday, April 22nd at 8pm for our latest installment in "An Evening of Poetry and Performance," with special visiting poets Jordan Dunn, Lisa Fishman, and Richard Meier. As always the evening is organized by OK #1 poet laureate Lewis Freedman. Free and open to all, free beer and free KN95s.

Late Bloomer with Naima Lowe

Saturday, March 25th at 8pm


OK #1 invites you to Late Bloomer a new performance by Naima Lowe debuting Saturday, March 25th at 8pm

Late Bloomer is a heaving gasp of erotic rage; a grief ritual to avenge bodies and spirits deemed too crazy, Black, queer and brilliant for this world. Naima Lowe performs lush, gender-weird, time bending poetics dripping in hot pink ancestral longing backed by a spooky-cute punk band. Come for the butt length pink weave, stay to watch Naima summon libidinal ambitions too freaky and righteous to be contained by any goddamned company town.

Written and Performed by Naima Lowe
Music by kara lynch and Jordan Wright
Set and Lights by Sally Hensel and Evan Clayburg
Presented by OK #1 in Tulsa, OK
Supported by OVAC Grant for Artist Projects and Mid America Arts Alliance Artistic Innovations

An Evening of Poetry and Performance with Elisa Harkins, Megan Kaminski, and Naima Lowe

Saturday, February 4th at 8pm


Join us at OK #1 on Saturday, February 4th at 8pm for our latest installment in "An Evening of Poetry and Performance." Our friends Elisa Harkins and Naima Lowe will be accompanied by special guest Megan Kaminski from Lawrence, KS, to read within Mathilde's installation Subterranean Reflections. If you haven't seen the show yet, this is an excellent opportunity to do so. As always the evening is organized by OK #1 poet laureate Lewis Freedman. Free and open to all, free beer and free KN95s.

Subterranean Reflections with Mathilde Chevaillier

Opening Friday, January 20th at 8pm


Join us at OK #1 on Friday, January 20th at 8pm for Subterranean Reflections a new exhibition from Mathilde Chevaillier. Through digital renders, animation, and soundscapes, this immersive installation transports audiences from OK #1 to the underground tunnels of the Arkansas River. Troglodytes welcome, free and open to all. Stay tuned for poetry readings organized by Lewis Freedman scheduled throughout the exhibition.

An Evening of Poetry and Performance with Mathilde Chevaillier, Nathan Knapp, and Sydney Smith

Saturday, January 28th at 8pm


Join us at OK #1 on Saturday, January 28th at 8pm for our latest installment in "An Evening of Poetry and Performance." Our friends Mathilde Chevaillier and Sydney Smith will be accompanied by special guest Nathan Knapp from Nashville, TN, to read within Mathilde's installation Subterranean Reflections. If you haven't seen the show yet, this is an excellent opportunity to do so. As always the evening is organized by OK #1 poet laureate Lewis Freedman. Free and open to all, free beer and free KN95s.

Makers Market at OK #1

Saturday, December 17th from 1 to 5pm

makers market

Saturday, December 17th join us for Makers Market at OK #1, our final event of 2022. Organized by Hen Bennett, this month we're relocating the Makers Market to OK #1, and taking advantage of the extra space by opening it up to anyone and everyone who'd like to come sell their wares. No booth fees, no entrance fee, please come support local artists and help everyone make some money ahead of the holidays.

NO EXIT with Belle Rose

Friday, November 11th and Saturday, November 12th at 7pm

no exit

Join us at OK #1 on Friday, November 11th at 7pm for NO EXIT, a new exhibition of paintings from Belle Rose. Featuring opening night performances from Kite, Cat Robertson, and Allison Ward. Free and open to all, on view by appointment through December 18th.

Elisa Harkins' WAMPUM and Joel Kyack's DREAM_MEGA

Thursday, October 27th at 8pm


Join us at OK #1 on Thursday, October 27th at 8pm for performances from Elisa Harkins and Joel Kyack. Kyack's DREAM_MEGA is ending their tour in Tulsa, while Elisa Harkins is back home in Tulsa after her international tour of RADIO III, to perform her set WAMPUM - a collection of original songs in Cherokee, English, and Muscogee. Please take advantage of this incredible opportunity! Two amazing artists, ~one evening to remember~ free and open to all, only at OK #1.

Special thanks to Mark Kuykendall for sound engineering

Joel Kyack was born in 1972 in Pennsylvania, USA. He received his BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design in 1995, studied at Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture in Maine in 2004, and received his MFA from the University of Southern California in 2008. Recent solo projects include, Time Time Time, Francois Ghebaly (online) for Gallery Platform LA; I am the present, General Projects, Los Angeles, CA; Hold On Tightly / Let Go Lightly, Workplace, London, UK; and Black As Night And Thicker Still I Surrender To This Hill My Will, Campbell Hall, Los Angeles, CA. He is represented by Workplace Gallery in the UK, François Ghebaly in Los Angeles and Praz-Delavallade in Paris. Joel Kyack lives and works in Los Angeles, California.

Elisa Harkins is a Native American (Cherokee/Muscogee) artist based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Her work is concerned with translation, language preservation, and Indigenous musicology. Harkins uses the Cherokee and Mvskoke languages, electronic music, sculpture, and the body as her tools. Harkins received a BA from Columbia College, Chicago and an MFA from California Institute of the Arts. She has since continued her education at the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture. She has exhibited her work at Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, documenta 14, Hammer Museum, Heard Museum, and Museum of Modern Art. Harkins resides on the Muscogee Reservation and is an enrolled member of the Muscogee Nation.

I've Said Too Much - A New Body of Work by Swan

Opening Saturday, July 23rd at 7pm, on view through August 23rd


Join us at OK #1 Saturday, July 23rd at 7pm for the opening of I've Said Too Much - a brand new body of work by Swan. Featuring airbrush paintings and murals, paper ache sculptures, nail art, digital design, and an opening night Cumbia set from Swan. We can't wait to share it with you all. On view weekends through August 23rd or by appointment.

An Evening of Poetry and Performance with Cassandra Gillig, Nathan Knapp, and the Reasors House Band

Friday, July 22nd at 8pm


Friday, July 22nd at 8pm, come to OK #1 for a special sneak preview of Swan's new show I've Said Too Much, with performances from Cassandra Gillig and Nathan Knapp, a special reading by Swan, and hosted by the Reasor's House Band. Join us for music, poetry, short fiction, and Reasors inspired work. Organized by OK #1 poet laureate Lewis Freedman.

Digital Security for Abortion Access with the Digital Defense Fund and the Roe Fund

Thursday, July 14th at 7pm


7/14 at 7pm, we’re hosting Kate Bertash, director of the Digital Defense Fund, and anonymous friends from the Roe Fund for a workshop focused on three scenarios: accessing Plan B safely and anonymously, accessing Plan C safely and anonymously for self-managed abortions, and the best practices for traveling out of Oklahoma for abortion access. We’ll also cover the best practices laid out in the Digital Defense Fund’s pregnancy and abortion privacy guide, and talk with members of the OK Roe Fund about legal concerns, local resources, and strategies and concerns specific to Oklahoma’s abortion ban. For the safety of participants, this event will be online only, streaming at okno.one and twitch.tv/okno1stream. Please share far and wide! We’ll be sharing additional resources and info in the coming weeks.

6 Moons Indigenous Presents a Video Premiere from Raven Chacon and Cannupa Hanska Luger

Thursday, July 7th at 8pm


Thursday 7/7 at 8pm, join us for the premiere of a new collaboration from Raven Chacon and Cannupa Hanska Luger commissioned by 6 Moons Indigenous Concert Series - screening at OK #1 with a livestream available at 6moons.org, followed by a virtual Q&A with the artists.

Raven Chacon is a composer, performer, and installation artist from Fort Defiance, Navajo Nation. As a solo artist, collaborator, or with Postcommodity, Chacon has exhibited or performed at Whitney Biennial, documenta 14, REDCAT, Musée d’art Contemporain de Montréal, San Francisco Electronic Music Festival, Chaco Canyon, Ende Tymes Festival, 18th Biennale of Sydney, and The Kennedy Center. Every year, he teaches 20 students to write string quartets for the Native American Composer Apprenticeship Project (NACAP). He is the recipient of the United States Artists Fellowship in Music, The Creative Capital Award in Visual Arts, The Native Arts and Cultures Foundation artist fellowship, and the American Academy’s Berlin Prize for Music Composition.

Cannupa Hanska Luger is a multidisciplinary artist and an enrolled member of the Three Affiliated Tribes of Fort Berthold (Mandan, Hidatsa, Arikara, Lakota, and European descent). Through monumental installations and social collaboration, Luger activates speculative fiction and communicates stories about 21st Century Indigeneity, combining critical cultural analysis with dedication and respect for the diverse materials, environments, and communities he engages. He lectures and produces large-scale projects around the globe and his works are in many public collections. Luger is a recipient of a 2021 United States Artists Fellowship Award for Craft and was named a 2021 GRIST Fixer, he is a 2020 Creative Capital Fellow, a 2020 Smithsonian Artist Research Fellow, and the recipient of the Museum of Arts and Design’s 2018 inaugural Burke Prize, among others. #cannupahanskaluger

Pride Denied: Homonationalism and the Future of Queer Politics withTulsa Food Not Bombs and Red Scare Infoshop

Saturday, June 11th 3pm


Join us at the space Saturday, June 11th at 3pm for the latest monthly screening from Tulsa Food Not Bombs.

"You may have heard that "Pride is Being Corporatized" and you've certainly seen rainbow profile frames stapled on brands that use slave labor, harm the planet, and exploit their workers - and thought "Huh, is this really what the revolutionaries at Stonewall pictured for the future of queer people?"

This "rainbow capitalism" offers performative allyship while using "human rights" claims as a smokescreen to cover for the brutal imperialist aims of the ruling class.

How did we get so lost, and how can we reclaim the radical roots of the queer liberation movement?

On June 11, celebrate Pride with Red Scare Infoshop and Tulsa Food Not Bombs at the latest FREE documentary screening: "Pride Denied: Homonationalism and the Future of Queer Politics," at 3pm at OK #1.

Light food and drink provided. All ages welcome; mature themes. Free to all to attend.

Reading Poems to the Center of the Earth

Sunday, June 26th leaving OK #1 at 8am


Mark your calendars… Sunday June 26th OK #1 is embarking on our first official field trip as we journey to an abandoned lot outside of Dill City, OK, for a poetic encounter with the second deepest hole in the world. In 1974 the Lone Star Producing Company’s Bertha Rogers Well struck a pocket of molten sulfur at a depth of 31,441 feet, in what was then the deepest hole on earth. 48 years later we will return to this now abandoned pit to read poems six miles into the abyss, with OK #1 poet laureate Lewis Freedman. If you have a message for the void, please join our caravan, leaving from OK #1 at 8 am on Sunday the 26th, or meet us at 35° 18′ 36″ N, 99° 11′ 24″ W around noon. If you can’t join in person but still have a poem you’d like read into the deepest depths, DM us or email it info@okno.one and we will happily pass your message down the hole. Free and open to all.

An Evening of Poetry and Performance with Haley Ashworth, Mathilde Chevaillier, and Jonathan Gaboury

Wednesday, May 18th at 8pm
8124 E 21st Unit A, Tulsa OK 74129


Join us at OK #1 this Wednesday, May 18th at 8pm for the latest installment of An Evening of Poetry and Performance, with poets Haley Ashworth, Mathilde Chevaillier, and Jonathan Gaboury. Haley is a queer + bad poet + local lurker meditating on & marinating in/ crusading against the schlotzkeysfication of the americxn home. Mathilde was born in Tulsa but hasn't lived here for a while now. She currently enjoys discerning what has been through the artifacts of today, interacting with friends, reading, and reflecting. In her experiences of modern life and its conditions she experiences both ecstasy and terror. Alongside that she also enjoys participating in traffic on her bicycle and observing skaters, plants, and minerals. She isn't sure yet what she is ruled by or what forces determine her course of existence but off she goes into this mechanical-biological concatenation of events searching for guidance and expression in the writings of people who came before her. She isn't quite sure how we got here but at the moment she appreciates Marx's suggestions, among others. Jonathan is a writer in Tulsa. He has written about comics before.

Evenings of Poetry and Performance are organized by OK #1 poet laureate Lewis Freedman. Refreshments provided, and open to all.

Gum for Water with Ash, Dizzy, and Harper

Opening Friday, May 13th 7-10pm
On View Through May 31st


Join us at OK #1 this Friday the 13th, from 7 to 10pm for Gum for Water an artist takeover by Ash, Dizzy, and Harper, featuring a mysterious and still-undisclosed performance at 8pm. Come see this truly eclectic show, from these three artists, featuring sculpture, works on paper, kids paintings, home video, found objects, photography, taxidermy, and chewed gum. Open by appointment, message us on instagram or email info@okno.one.

Suffer, Dance, Stand: Native Survival with Edgar Heap of Birds, Douglas Miles, and Warren Realrider curated by Shanna Ketchum-Heap of Birds with Lucas Wrench

April 8 - May 1
8124 E 21st Unit A, Tulsa OK 74129

opening reception: April 8th at 7pm


Marking the first exhibition for both Edgar Heap of Birds (Cheyenne/ Arapaho) and Douglas Miles (San Carlos Apache-Akimel O'odham) here in Tulsa on the Muscogee Nation, Suffer, Dance, Stand offers an unflinching exploration of the violence, the survival strategies, and the resilience embedded in this land formerly known as Indian Territory, from forced removal to present day struggles for tribal sovereignty.

We are honored to present audiences with a thorough sampling of the public art and prints of Edgar Heap of Birds. Included in the exhibition are two Native Hosts banners, installed on the exteriors of OK #1, and the Center for Public Secrets near downtown Tulsa. As Heap of Birds’ longest running series, Native Hosts utilizes the conventions of public signage, disrupted by reversed text, to challenge and subvert dynamics between occupier and "host" as expressed in typical land acknowledgements. Within the gallery is a collaborative wall drawing produced with students from Bacone College, the 140+ year-old Native American university that predates Oklahoma statehood. Heap of Birds is also contributing four of his iconic red and white monoprints, marked by poetic, provocative phrases and word associations exploring the violence against Native people embedded in American imperialism. Indian Still Target Obama Bin Laden Geronimo for example, connects the Obama administration's code name for Osama Bin Laden, to the historic Apache leader who died as a prisoner of war in Oklahoma's Fort Sill. Lastly we are privileged to present the 2005 artwork Trail of Tears. Originally exhibited in Atlanta, near the origin point of forced removal, this is the first time this piece has been exhibited in Oklahoma.

This will be the first exhibition in Oklahoma for artist Douglas Miles, who will be traveling to Tulsa from the San Carlos Apache Reservation where Miles lives and works. As the founder of Apache Skateboards - one of the first Native American owned skate companies - Miles is known for merging street art aesthetics with traditional Apache imagery. Miles will exhibit a new mural on the exterior of OK #1, as well as a series of printed blankets. A selection of merchandise from Apache Skateboards will also be available for sale in the OK #1 shop, including a limited series of hand-painted skate decks created by Miles and Heap of Birds for the exhibition.

Norman-based sound artist Warren Realrider (Pawnee/Crow) aka Tick Suck, who studied under Heap of Birds at the University of Oklahoma, will present an opening night performance utilizing materials sourced from local waterways, with the performance ephemera forming the basis for an installation on view for the duration of the exhibition.

Additional contributions include a catalog essay from exhibition curator Shanna Ketchum-Heap of Birds (Diné/Navajo), and a poetry reading organized by Lewis Freedman.

This exhibition is made possible thanks to the Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition. Special thanks to the Center for Public Secrets and Skewed Press.

Julian Talamantez Brolaski and Roberto Harrison respond to Suffer, Dance, Stand

Thursday, April 21st, 8pm
8124 E 21st Unit A, Tulsa OK 74129


Join us for a virtual poetry reading on Thursday, April 21st, at 8pm, as poets Julian Brolaski and Roberto Harrison respond to Suffer, Dance, Stand: Native Survival with Edgar Heap of Birds, Douglas Miles, and Warren Realrider. Organized by OK #1 poet laureate Lewis Freedman, this reading will explore the influence of Edgar Heap of Birds text based work on the world of poetry in general, and for these two poets in particular. Projected live at 8124 E 21st unit A, and streaming online at okno.one

Julian Talamantez Brolaski is poet and country singer, the author of Of Mongrelitude (Wave Books 2017), Advice for Lovers (City Lights 2012), and gowanus atropolis (Ugly Duckling Presse 2011). Their first full-length album is coming out this summer. Julian’s poetry was recently included in When the Light of the World was Subdued, Our Songs Came Through: A Norton Anthology of Native Nations Poetry (2020) and We Want It All: An Anthology of Radical Trans Poetics (Nightboat 2020).

Roberto Harrison’s books include Os (subpress, 2006), Counter Daemons (Litmus Press, 2006), bicycle (Noemi Press, 2015), culebra (Green Lantern Press, 2016), Bridge of the World (Litmus Press, 2017), Yaviza (Atelos, 2017), as well as many chapbooks. With Andrew Levy, Roberto edited the poetry journal Crayon from 1997 to 2008, and he is also the editor of Bronze Skull Press which has published over 20 chapbooks, including the work of many Midwestern poets. Most recently Roberto served as a co-editor for the Resist Much/Obey Little anthology. He was the Milwaukee Poet Laureate for 2017-2019. He is also a visual artist and his most recent series of drawings, “Tropical Lung: Tec Alliance” is featured online as part of Woodland Pattern’s exhibition series What Can I Do?: Spirituality, Civic Engagement, and Artistic Practice. He lives in Milwaukee with his wife, the poet Brenda Cárdenas.

6 Moons Indigenous Concert Series with Travis Mammedaty

Saturday, March 12th
8124 E 21st Unit A, Tulsa OK 74129


Join us at OK #1 Saturday, March 12th at 2pm for a concert and art exhibition from Travis Mammedaty, as part of the 6 Moons Indigenous Concert Series organized by Elisa Harkins. Travis Mammedaty is a traditional and contemporary singer who has been around the drum his whole life. At the age of 17 one of his mentors the late Alford “Sonny” Waters(Ponca) paid his way to sit at the drum and Mammedaty has always had a place there. From those early times singing and up until today he has amassed numerous songs from various tribes and learned their meanings. Mammedaty has over 400 songs stored to memory, with credit due to his many mentors he has learned from, with a large portion of the songs he learned from singing with the Anquoe family drum “Redstone”. Mammedatys love for song has led him to many opportunities to use his knowledge and voice to sing for his community in different capacities. If you are up early enough you can catch him singing up the sun every morning in his Instagram @chases_the_red_blanket.

Meat pies available from Makayla Harjo.

open to all vax'd and masked, live feed available at twitch.tv/okno1stream

An Evening of Poetry and Performance with Rebekah Smith, Lewis Freedman, and Lucas Wrench
organized by Lewis Freedman

Tuesday, February 15th
8124 E 21st Unit A, Tulsa OK 74129


Join us Tuesday, February 15th at 8pm for an Evening of Poetry and Performance, our ongoing poetry + performance series organized by poet Lewis Freedman. Featuring readings from Lewis Freedman, visiting poet Rebekah Smith, and a live painting performance from OK #1's proprietor Lucas Wrench. Free to all, vax'd and masked.'


live feed available at twitch.tv/okno1stream

An Ode to Lithium with Renée Reizman

Friday, February 26th
8124 E 21st Unit A, Tulsa OK 74129


Join us at OK #1 Friday, February 26th at 6pm for An Ode to Lithium, with visiting curator Renée Reizman. Learn about the battery-fueled Lithium boom that's leading to a new wave of political destabilization, and aggressive resource extraction as the powers that be attempt to lay claim to the world's lithium reserves. We'll explore the technologies like electric cars and cellphones that are driving this demand, and look at the rise of a new mining industry centered in California's Sultan Sea.

open to all vax'd and masked, live feed available at twitch.tv/okno1stream

Technology in Art with Art House Tulsa

February 5th - February 20th
Saturdays and Sundays 12-3 or by appointment
8124 E 21st Unit A, Tulsa OK 74129


OK #1 and Lost in America present Technology in Art, a new exhibition curated by Art House Tulsa featuring works by Apt-Get, Laziz Askarov, Rebekah Campbell, Jonathan Durham, Natty Gray, Kite, Patrick McNicholas, Owen Rendel, and Allison Ward. On view Saturdays and Sundays from 12-3 or by appointment until February 20th.

An Evening of Poetry and Performancewith Cody-Rose Clevidence, Emily Hoffman, and Anna Muselmann
organized by Lewis Freedman

Thursday, January 20th
8124 E 21st Unit A, Tulsa OK 74129


Join us Thursday, January 20th at 7pm for poetry readings from Cody-Rose Clevidence and Emily Hoffman, and a performance from Anna Muselmann

an OK #1 and Lost in America production

In person event, please be vax'd and masked, live feed available at twitch.tv/okno1stream

Rock Stone Mystery with Paul Waddell

Saturday, January 22nd
8124 E 21st Unit A, Tulsa OK 74129


Saturday night at 8pm, a performance from Paul Waddell featuring ten rocks. It's the Rock Stone Mystery

open to all vax'd and masked, live feed available at twitch.tv/okno1stream

ALMOST HOME curated by Nicole Donis and Rachel Rector

Opens Friday, December 10th
8124 E 21st Unit A, Tulsa OK 74129


Introducing… a new photo exhibition curated by Nicole Donis and Rachel Rector, featuring forty works by twenty local artists. This collective photography exhibition showcases artists’ definitions of identity and home. Our homes could be our physical living space, our racial or sexual identities, or our geographic location and how we connect to it. Artists reflect on these themes and how they fit into the cultural and political landscapes of Oklahoma. Some feel as though this land defines them, while others grapple with the painful history and conservatism of our state and how that impacts their own definitions. Join us while we explore how to exist and create art in a space that is often overlooked and unheard- how to meld our personal identities, beliefs, and values, into a place that may not share them, and still flourish.

Opening reception is Friday, December 10th from 6-9pm. Show up through 12/25, Saturdays and Sundays from 12-5pm or by appointment.

In person event, please be vax'd and masked

Sun Print Workshop with Nicole Donis and Rachel Rector

Sunday, December 12th
8124 E 21st Unit A, Tulsa OK 74129


Sunday 12/12, join us for a Sun Print Workshop as part of our upcoming photo exhibition Almost Home, curated by Nicole Donis and Rachel Rector. Learn to make your own sun prints using traditional cyanotype analog processing. We'll provide all necessary supplies, but participants are welcome to bring anything they'd like to make prints of or print onto. T-shirts, sheets, cardboard and paper can all be printed onto. Flowers, bugs, photo negatives, sticks, bones, or really anything you can think of can be used to make your prints.

Open to all, please be vax'd and masked, $5-10 suggested donation

A History of the Freedmen of Indian Territory with Eli Grayson

Thursday, November 11th
8124 E 21st Unit A, Tulsa OK 74129


Join us at OK #1 on Thursday, November 11th at 7pm for A History of the Freedmen of Indian Territory, with Eli Grayson.

This deeply complex and often overlooked history begins with the very first enslaved Africans in North America in the 1500s, and continues with contentious legal battles in the present day. Encompassing the Trail of Tears, the establishment of Indian Territory, statehood, black townships, the Dawes Act, disenrollment, broken treaties, and so much more... This event is necessarily just an introduction, and hopefully the beginning of much more to come.

Free and open to all. In person and streaming online at twitch.tv/okno1stream

Eli Grayson is a Muscogee Creek citizen in Tulsa, Oklahoma, who advocates for the rights of Creek Indians of mixed ancestry.

Flyer by @sshekinaa

Please be vax'd and masked

Hagsploitation Halloween with Kris Rose

Sunday, October 31st
8124 E 21st Unit A, Tulsa OK 74129


Attention all you ghoulish sickos. Announcing a very special Hagsploitation Halloween with night hag supreme Kris Rose, coming to OK #1 this hallows eve, aka Oct 31st at 8pm. Join us for a screening of the groundbreaking work of hagsploitation “What’s the Matter with Helen?” and a brief discussion of the hagsploitation genre. Plus find Kris screening horror classics all over OK this month..

Flyer by @sshekinaa

In person event, please be vax'd and masked

Reparations Uncensoredwith St. Domonick and Hakeem Eli'Juwon

Sunday, October 17th
8124 E 21st Unit A, Tulsa OK 74129


Continuing our themes of censorship and cultural control in Tulsa, Sunday the 17th at 8pm we're joined by special guests St. Domonick and Hakeem Eli'Juwon for a screening of the Real Reaparations Video. We'll get into the takedown and internet sweep of Fire in LIttle Africa's original video and the reshoot. How are entities like Fire in Little Africa funder GKFF trying to control conversations around the Race Massacre? What's acceptable criticism, what are the limits on our outrage, and what happens when we push past these boundaries in the fight for reparations?

Open to all vax’d and masked at 8124 E 21st, Unit A, in person only.

Thanks to DJ Buddy Rodriguez for organizing.

Reparations Beyond Representation: A Listening Session with words by Tiffany E Barber and music by Buddy Rodriguez

Thursday, September 16th
8124 E 21st Unit A, Tulsa OK 74129


Join us at OK #1 on Thursday September 16th at 7pm for Reparations Beyond Representation, a listening session with words by Tiffany E Barber and music by K-NO radio DJ Buddy Rodriguez. How artists can meaningfully contribute to the fight for reparations locally and nationally? What are existing efforts we can look to, what new strategies are needed, and what can we do right now in our immediate community? Please bring your questions and opinions.

Open to all vax’d and masked at 8124 E 21st, Unit A, and streaming online at okno.one.

Tiffany E. Barber is a scholar, curator, and critic of twentieth and twenty-first century visual art, new media, and performance. Her work, which spans abstraction, Afrofuturism, dance, fashion, feminism, and the ethics of representation and aesthetic criticism, focuses on artists of the Black diaspora working in the United States and the broader Atlantic world. She is Assistant Professor of Africana Studies and Art History at the University of Delaware.

Buddy Rodriguez is an actor, comedian, entrepreneur and host of Saturday Night Slaps on K-NO radio


Sunday, September 5th
8124 E 21st Unit A, Tulsa OK 74129


So U Want 2 b a DJ?!? With the shop opening this weekend, we want to open the station back up to anyone who wants 2 be involved! Mask up and meet us at the space next Sunday the 5th at 2pm for a very special info session for future DJs. We’ll go over the radio set up, our current battles with the FCC, and our top secret scheme to stay on the air. We’ll also be discussing the shop and how it all will work together for anyone who wants to help out. A veritable bonanza of information. Plz tell all your friends! No previous experience necessary! All are welcome.

flyer by @sshekinaa

****masks required****

OK #1 Official Grand Re-Opening with Lost in America

Saturday, August 14th
8124 E 21st Unit A, Tulsa OK 74129


Join us Saturday, August 14th at 8pm for the official Grand Re-Opening of OK #1, in our beautiful new location. Featuring performances by Elisa Harkins, Travis Mammedaty, DJ No Name and Bambi, and SUNVOW. Plus special DJ sets from DJ SSHEKINAA and DJ Buddy Rodriguez and more!?! We're also very excited to introduce our official new partners in the space Lost in America - a new independent art gallery for Tulsa coming soon!

The History and Destruction of Greenwood Since 2001 with Kristi Williams

Thursday, April 29th
Stream for free at TWITCH.TV/OKNO1STREAM


Join us June 3rd at 7pm for a discussion with Kristi Williams exploring the history and destruction of Greenwood since 2001. In the twenty years since the "Tulsa Race Riot Commission " marked the first official acknowledgement of the Tulsa Race Massacre, the city of Tulsa in conjunction with the George Kaiser Family Foundation, has aggressively transferred large parcels of Greenwood into the hands of white developers. How has the notion of "reconciliation" been used to obscure land theft, and withhold reparations in favor of white-owned developments like ONEOK field, OSU, and the BMX USA museum. What's the significance of the "2001 Race Riot Reconciliation Act" and how has it been used to accelerate the theft of land in Greenwood? Lastly what are the possibilities for mobilizing Tulsans against this twisted notion of reconciliation in favor of real and meaninful reparations.

Streaming at okno.one and twitch.tv/okno1stream.

Kristi Williams aka Orisabiyi is an author, community activist, co-owner of the REAL Black Wall Street Tour, and Chair of the Greater Tulsa African American Affairs Commission.

Constructing Abolition Brick by Brick with Jaden Janak and Mana Tahaie

Thursday, April 29th
Stream for free at TWITCH.TV/OKNO1STREAM


Join Jaden Janak and Mana Tahaie on Thursday, April 29th at 7pm, for a conversation exploring the relationships between surveillance and abolition. Surveillance and policing surround us everywhere we go. From CTV cameras at grocery stores to so-called School Resource Officers (SROs) at schools and even to tracking devices like cell phone, we are constantly being tracked, monitored, and controlled. How can we create practices and communities that are safe from surveillance and policing? Come and hear two abolitionists discuss their thoughts on how to create such societies.

Streaming at okno.one and twitch.tv/okno1stream.

Jaden Janak is a PhD candidate at the University of Texas at Austin (Hook 'Em.). Raised and politicized in Tulsa, Jaden is also a proud alumni of Booker T. Washington High School Class of 2014. They are passionate about creating solidarity connections with incarcerated folks.

Mana Tahaie (she/her) is a racial justice activist and consultant based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She envisions a world without punishment, where bodily autonomy and community safety are human rights guaranteed to all.

OK #1


Sunday, March 28th
Stream for free at TWITCH.TV/OKNO1STREAM


This Sunday at 8pm! Join us for a super special info session all about the PULSE OF TULSE aka 91.1 FM aka K-NO Radio Tulsa’s premier pirate radio station. We’ll go over some major updates including a new space and a new wider broadcast range. Most importantly ! Learn how to join the legion of DJs and host your very own radio show.

Streaming at okno.one and twitch.tv/okno1stream.

No Stigma: Harm Reduction (and basic human decency) with SHOTS

Thursday, April 8th
Stream for free at TWITCH.TV/OKNO1STREAM


Join us April 8th at 7pm for a conversation with Hana Fields and Jen Sharp of SHOTS (Stop Harm on Tulsa Streets). We’ll discuss the basic strategies of harm reduction like needle exchanges and Narcan distribution. We’ll also get into the very rational reasons people use drugs, and the harm inflicted when these realities are denied. And more!

Streaming at okno.one and twitch.tv/okno1stream.

Joseph Beuys More Like Broseph Guys with Paul Wwaddell

Saturday, February 6th
Stream for free at TWITCH.TV/OKNO1STREAM


In the COVID-19 era the CamShow is the new art museum. An instant archive created simultaneously to the live performance. The passive camera swallowing everything. - Camus

Join us Saturday, February 6th at 7pm for Joseph Beuys More Like Broseph Guys, a twitch stream with Paul Waddell. We're taking a break from the world of rational thought, lectures, and conversations to delve back into the irrational ethers of performance art. Featuring Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020.

Paul Wwaddell is an artist and amateur weightlifter based in Oklahoma City. He makes art to heal the world. https://paulwwaddell.com/

Streaming at okno.one and twitch.tv/okno1stream.

The Trouble That's Brewing at the Tulsa Artist Fellowship with Naima Lowe and Heyd Fontenot

Thursday, January 7th
Stream for free at TWITCH.TV/OKNO1STREAM


Join us Thursday, January 7th at 7pm CST for a conversation with Heyd Fontenot, Naima Lowe, and Lucas Wrench (OK #1's proprietor), discussing our experiences in the Tulsa Artist Fellowship that led us to speak on the record for Catherine Wagley's recent article "Trouble is Brewing at the Tulsa Artist Fellowship." We'll discuss past efforts to push for change and accountability within the fellowship, our motivations for speaking out publicly, and what we hope will happen as a result.

Streaming at okno.one and twitch.tv/okno1stream.

Read the original article here.

Four Things You Might Not Know about Tulsa (but probably should) with Russell Cobb and Apollonia Piña

Thursday, January 14th
Stream for free at TWITCH.TV/OKNO1STREAM


Join us Thursday, January 14th at 7pm CST for a presentation by research partners Russell Cobb and Apollonia Piña, uncovering four of Tulsa's best kept secrets.

1. The land swindles behind the Gathering Place and Turkey Mountain
2. The grifters paradise at the Exchange National Bank (now BOK)
3. The Real Charles Page
4. The Bucket of Blood Saloon

Streaming at okno.one and twitch.tv/okno1stream.

Russell Cobb is the author of The Great Oklahoma Swindle: Race, Religion, and Lies in America's Weirdest State (Nebraska Press, 2020) and an associate professor in Latin American studies and creative writing at the University of Alberta.

Apollonia Piña is an interdisciplinary researcher, founder of Green Corn Medics, and Mvskoke (Creek) Citizen.

Buy Russell's book here.

For the Record: Archives as Reparative Technology with Archive Acts

December 1st, 5th, and 12th at 2pm CST


OK #1 and Archive Acts present... For the Record: Archives as Reparative Technology, streaming this December at okno.one.

Join us for three conversations with artists exploring archival practice as a means to counter historical narrative, claim power, and assert new realities.

This series is supported by the Oklahoma Visual Arts Council.

Artists Archiving Artists

with Hailey Loman and Black Lunch Table
December 1st at 2pm CST

On December 1st, join us for Artists Archiving Artists, a conversation with Hailey Loman, founder of the Los Angeles Contemporary Archive (LACA), and Jina Valentine and Heather Hart, co-founders of Black Lunch Table. We’ll explore how artists working outside traditional art institutions can produce lasting archives for artists and art communities that have been underacknowledged. We’ll consider the limits of the art historical canon, how art historical narratives are produced, and how artists can assert themselves into the historical record to expand, alter, and correct these hierarchies.

See the participants full bios here

Geo Archives

with Tia Simone Gardner and Latipa
December 5th at 2pm CST

Join us December 5th at 2pm for Geo Archives, a conversation with artists Latipa (formerly known as Michelle Dizon) and Tia Simone-Gardner. With migrations from the Phillipines to Los Angeles and floating the Missisippi River from Alabama to Minneapolis, we'll explore the cartography of place through feminist geo-political lenses. These artists, whose scholarly research centers their multidisciplinary creative praxes, will speak on interrogating lands and landscapes, decolonizing historical gazes, and centering intimacy, critical listening, and survivance.

See the participants full bios here

Ritual Archives

with Jessica Harvey and Candice Lin
December 12th at 2pm CST

Join us December 12th at 2pm for Ritual Archives, a conversation with artists Jessica Harvey and Candice Lin. We’ll explore the archival fringes found in Harvey and Lin’s work, from fictionalized artifacts and collections to new rituals for care and preservation, revealing a much less sterile, and far more human foundation of archival practice. Lin and Harvey both circumvent traditional expectations of the archive with materials as diverse as frozen urine, jarred farts, experimental fungi, and alchemical rituals of material and memory.

See the participants full bios here

**POSTPONED** Black Friday Sessions with ASLUT

Friday, November 27th at 8pm
5414 E 11th St


OK #1 and ASLUT zine present Black Friday Sessions coming to OK #1's parking lot this Black Friday, November 27th from 8pm until ..... Featuring sets from the K-NO Radio DJ's, plus special guests from ASLUT. This event is outdoors only so plan to dress warmly, with masks required. Email info@okno.one with any questions!

Poscrisálidas with Ahimsa Timoteo Bodhrán in collaboration with Welana Queton, Yvette Wiley, & José Emmanuel Vega

Sunday, November 8th
Stream for free at TWITCH.TV/OKNO1STREAM


Join us on Sunday, November 8th at 3pm for Poscrisálidas, presented in partnership with Tulsa City-County Library's Hispanic Resource Center.

Poscrisálidas is a multimedia dance/painting/writing/music collaborative performance by multimedia artist, critic, organizer and educator Ahimsa Timoteo Bodhrán who will be joined by dancer and curator Welana Queton; dancer, poet and scientist Yvette Wiley and singer and organizer José Emmanuel Vega.

"Monarch butterflies chart patterns of movement across borders throughout the Américas, annually reuniting communities in the Caribbean and North/Central/South America. An intersectional symbol many times over, of transnational Indigeneities and Latinidades, migration, undocumented peoples, survivorhood, and queer/transgender communities of color, these relations go through cycles of interiority and exteriority, inner and outer worlds, cocooning, transformations, and re-emergence. During the coronavirus pandemic, much of the natural world has healed and flourished, as many humans have been forced to slow down, go internal, remove themselves from the external world, travel, and many of the active forces producing environmental pollution. At the same time, various ecosystems are under attack, and undergoing profound climate change that threatens mass extinction. Humans have been reckoning with loss, grief, and simultaneous intersecting crises—health, electoral/political, violently oppressive, environmental—often using technology to remain informed, active, and connected. In many ways, we have been removed from the realm of the senses, from our bodies, the elemental world, and each other, and been utilizing old and new ways to reconnect and remain interwoven. This performance by womanist and queer/trans artists of color, weaving together different artistic elements, seeks to wonder what we will be like post-pandemic, post-crises. What will it mean to touch each other again? Move with one another? Feel grounded in our senses, bodies, and this world? Be fully creative? Be able to share meals and hugs? Participate again in ceremonies and gatherings without fear? How can art, dialogue, and community help us heal and envision future worlds, move us back from private into public, where we can fly again together, after emerging from our chrysalises?"

Conducted live from multiple sites in Oklahoma and California, shared via video conferencing, followed by a dialogue, this event is part of Hispanic Heritage Month activities presented by the Hispanic Resource Center of Tulsa City-County Library and OK #1.

The Disembodied Voice with Howl Space

Wednesday, October 21st
$10 Tickets for personalized feedback HERE
Stream for free at TWITCH.TV/OKNO1STREAM


Join us on Wednesday, October 21st at 7pm for The Disembodied Voice, an experiment in voice projection through the net with Howl Space.

Voices floating in the ether, being born from the reticle of a speaker, disembodied voices crawling in our ears. Are these voices really bodiless? Gregory Whitehead (VoiceArts Radio Station) states that a voice always recreates a body. In our crazed overloaded zoom insanity of a semi-lockdown how can we connect to our bodies, how can we physicalize the body of the other from the web into our space. This workshop explores voice embodiment and projection through the net.


Have a space in which you are able to move and extend the arms
Comfortable clothes
If possible, bluetooth headphones

$10 Tickets include the zoom link for personalized feedback throughout the workshop, but a free live stream will be available at https://www.twitch.tv/okno1stream for those who wish to participate without feedback. Please email info@okno.one with any questions!

About Howl Space!

Crossing the vastness of shared space, the HOWL is a primal force of expressive, open communication and release, a mesmerizing free call that not only connects us to each other but to the outer and inner landscape of our creative, performing bodies. --- Sound artists and vocal experimenters Carmina Escobar and Micaela Tobin have united their unique praxis to form HOWL SPACE, a boundless and focused virtual space for exploring, expressing, and connecting the relational, artistic, musical, and medicinal possibilities of the voice and vocal traditions. By offering individual sessions, workshops, a series of salons with guest artists and producers whose practices focus on different aspects of the holistic voice, HOWL SPACE offers both personalized and group development. This space is for anyone interested in expanding the possibilities of their expressive voice. All ranges of experience, creative goals, artistic practices and styles are welcome!


The Kaiser System with Michael Mason

Friday, September 25th
Stream for free at TWITCH.TV/OKNO1STREAM


Join us on the internet Friday, September 25th at 7pm for The Kaiser System: The Complications of Big Philanthropy in a Small City with Michael Mason. Michael Mason is a journalist and the founding editor of This Land Press, who has spent much of the past five years investigating the George Kaiser Family Foundation and their influence in Tulsa and beyond. Michael will take us through his research and key findings, and make himself available for any questions. Read the full article here and join us on twitch.tv/okno1stream and okno.one September 25th.

Obedient x3 with Zach Blas

Sunday, September 13th
Stream for free at TWITCH.TV/OKNO1STREAM


Join us for a Sunday afternoon lecture with Zach Blas, exploring nootropics, Silicon Valley, the Lizard King, queer utopias, and more related to his recent exhibition The Doors.

"A sequel to Contra-Internet: Jubilee 2033—a film that follows author Ayn Rand on an acid trip, in which she bears witness to a dystopian future of the internet —The Doors is the first installment in a trilogy of queer science fiction works that takes on the fantasies, beliefs, and Californian histories that influence Silicon Valley and the tech industry today"

Zach Blas is an artist, writer, and filmmaker currently based in London, UK. zachblas.info

Streaming Sunday, September 13th at 1pm central at okno.one and twitch.tv/okno1stream.

Sex Lives of Dates: A Breakup in Three Acts with Paul Pescador

Sunday, August 30th
Stream for free at TWITCH.TV/OKNO1STREAM


For OK #1 artist and filmmaker Paul Pescador produces an audio play told over a slideshow of found images. This performance follows young Mara, a Latina Texan who moves with her family west to pick agriculture, where she stumbles upon a young hippy Robert as they find their way into a relationship, marriage as well as adulthood. The three act story focuses loosely on the artist's own parental figures following them over three decades in rural Coachella Valley, California.

Streaming Sunday, August 30th at 9pm central at okno.one and twitch.tv/okno1stream.

Transformative Justice: Addressing Harm and Accountability in the Community with Timantha Norman

Thursday, August 13th
Stream for free at TWITCH.TV/OKNO1STREAM


In a world where the default tends toward punitive retribution for societal harm, how do we address the root causes, stand with survivors of crime, and forge a positive path forward for our communities? Join us on Thursday, August 13th at 7pm for a livestream with Timantha Norman, executive editor of the Tulsa Star, where we will unpack what transformative justice truly is, why it should be at the forefront of every conversation concerning community empowerment, how to use this framework to address harmful behaviors, and the process of enabling real healing to take place.

Streaming at twitch.tv/okno1stream

Reading and Discussion with Harmony Holiday

Thursday, July 23rd
$5 Suggested Donation
Stream for free at TWITCH.TV/OKNO1STREAM


Join us Thursday, July 23rd at 7pm central for a reading and discussion with Harmony Holiday. Harmony is the author of four collections of poetry, Negro League Baseball, Go Find Your Father/ A Famous Blues, Hollywood Forever, and most recently, A Jazz Funeral for Uncle Tom. Harmony will read selections from these works, and talk with us about poetry, archiving, and Black music.

Buy A Jazz Funeral for Uncle Tom via Birds LLC here.

And check out Harmony's Afrosonics archive here.

Digital Ecologies with Tess Elliot

Thursday, July 13th
$5 Suggested Donation
Stream for free at TWITCH.TV/OKNO1STREAM


Join us for a livestream Thursday, July 16th at 7pm with artist Tess Elliot, discussing her augmented reality project Grass Flower Weed and her latest AR app nOaks, presented by Oklahoma Contemporary. Tess will talk about how these projects evolved, discuss native plants and Oklahoma ecosystems, and do some screen-sharing magic for a behind the scenes look at Tess' process.
Check out Tess' project at Oklahoma Contemporary here, and Download Tess' Apps!

100 Years Later: Returning to Tulsa with Lex Brown

Friday, June 26th
$5 Suggested Donation
Stream for free at TWITCH.TV/OKNO1STREAM


Join us for a very special conversation with artist Lex Brown, as we discuss Lex's research trip to Tulsa last summer. Learn about Lex's ongoing project exploring her family's connection to Black Wall Street, their journey out of Tulsa following the Tulsa Race Massacre, and the process of trying to retrace this history a century later.


Please email info@okno.one with any questions, and buy Lex's book Consciousness, out now through Genderfail


Making New Futures: Why Abolition Can't Wait with Jaden Janak

Thursday, July 2nd
$5 Suggested Donation
Stream for free at TWITCH.TV/OKNO1STREAM


During this time where abolition and defund the police are concepts on the hearts and minds of many, abolition scholar and student Jaden Janak presents the case for abolition as a leading strategy to secure the safety and wellness of all.

How do we maintain accountability and public safety under abolition? Jaden will address common questions like “What about murders?” and “What about perpetrators of sexual violence?” Whether you’re already fully on board, and want to be a more effective advocate for abolition, or you’re feeling like the abolition of police and prisons is a concept beyond your comfort zone... this is an opportunity to learn the history, core concepts, and necessary next steps to take this vital movement forward!

July 2nd - 7pm central - live stream and Q&A at OKNO.ONE and TWITCH.TV/OKNO1STREAM

Jaden Janak is an abolitionist from Tulsa, OK, currently pursuing a PhD in Black Studies at UT Austin. Follow them on Instagram and Twitter @abolition_boi and stay tuned for their Abolition Study Group meeting Wednesday’s in July. Read about their incredibly vital work digitizing the archives of The Oklahoma Eagle here!

Tech Support for Protestors with LA Cryptoparty

Wednesday, June 10th
Stream for free at TWITCH.TV/OKNO1STREAM


This Wednesday, June 10th at 7pm, join us for a livestream with OK #1’s cyber-ops division LA Cryptoparty. This tech support session will take you through the best practices to keep your information safe while protesting. We’ll explore the known ways police track protestors and how this information is being used. This is an opportunity to familiarize yourself with secure messaging apps, facial recognition, location tracking, and metadata ahead of Thursday’s protests in Tulsa. Bring your surveillance tech questions and we’ll do our best to answer them! Stream at OKNO.ONE and TWITCH.TV/OKNO1STREAM

P.S.!!! A shipment of 'HF+LF shielding fleece' is on the way. Email info@okno.one if you want a signal blocking phone pouch!!! ($5 suggested donation)

How and When to Lawyer Up: Legal Resources for Artists with Naima Lowe and Sarah Lippek

Wednesday, June 3rd
7 - 8:30pm
$5-15 Suggested Donation to participate in zoom chat directly
Free Stream at TWITCH.TV/OKNO1STREAM ($5 suggested donation)


Artist Naima Lowe has partnered with author/lawyer Sarah Lippek to offer a livestream workshop on legal considerations for artists, authors, performers and other creative professionals.

Proceeds go to Tulsa, OK based artists relief projects.

As artists our work is essential to preserving, creating, and transmitting culture, and offering much needed comfort and commentary during turbulent times. However, too often we’re undervalued, underpaid, exploited and treated as though we are expendable by the institutions that we contract with. One way to address this is to educate ourselves on the legal issues that impact our industry and develop a stronger understanding of how to access and utilize legal resources.

During this 90 minute session we’ll discuss our own experiences navigating legal systems, discuss common issues in art law, and offer guidance on how to actually find and hire the right lawyer. We’ll take some time for questions and share links to organizations and information that can help you with your legal concerns.

Find the stream at TWITCH.TV/OKNO1STREAM ($5 suggested donation) or participate in the zoom chat directly by purchasing tickets through eventbrite. $5-15 Suggested Donation


We will include Live Captioning for this event, and all paid participants will receive access to a recording of the event as well as links all of the written materials that we share. We will be discussing legal matters and there may be some jargon involved, though we're committed to offering clear explanations and speaking as clearly and plainly as possible about the topic.

Financial Disclosure:

This project is supported by Tulsa, OK based art/event space OK#1. OK#1 offers a $300 stipend to cover artist fees, which in this case go towards the time to research and organize this event. The funds that we raise through ticket sales will go towards proving professional live-captioning. All additional proceeds will go towards Tulsa, OK based artist relief projects.


Who is this event for?

We've designed this workshop specifically for artists, including visual, performing, and literary artists. However, some of the information will be applicable to anyone who works on a contract basis and/or works within the arts or entertainment field.

Do I need to have a computer to attend this event? We're using ZOOM for this event, which allows you to log in from your computer, tablet or Smartphone.

How do I log in? Once we've received your registration with your valid email address, we'll be in touch with log in instructions.

Will the event be recorded? Yes, we'll record the workshop and make the file available to registered participants after the fact.

What's the refund policy? We do not offer refunds for this event.

Can you help me with my specific legal problems? This workshop is designed to answer general questions about legal concerns, and we'll do our best to point you in the right direction. However, Sarah is not representing you and any insight she provides is for educational purposes only.

$5 -15 Suggested Donation, email info@okno.one with any other questions.

The Colossus of Musk with Bill Anthes and Michelle Berenfeld

Thursday, May 28th
$5 Suggested Donation


Join us Thursday, May 28th at 7pm for Colossus of Musk - a very special livestream. In response to the recent unveiling of the golden Elon Musk that now towers over Tulsa, OK #1 is bringing in our former art history professor Bill Anthes, and their Rome Prize winning (a very big deal!) colleague Michelle Berenfeld to help us sort through what exactly we’re being asked to look at. Professors Anthes and Berenfeld will take us on a journey through the art history of mega sculpture, from ancient wonders to contemporary monuments. Discover the mysteries behind these enormous statues, the desires and motivations that drive their creation, and the legacies they leave behind.

Find the stream at TWITCH.TV/OKNO1STREAM, and email info@okno.one with any questions!

Grass Flower Weed by Tess Elliot

DIY Face Mask Tutorial - by Zuany Perez

Get the pattern available for free here

The Jessica Chastain Trilogy - by Maura Brewer

The actress Jessica Chastain appears in three films: Ridley Scott's The Martian, Christopher Nolan's Interstellar and Kathryn Bigelow's Zero Dark Thirty
In each of these films Jessica Chastain plays a high achieving career woman who suffers from depression.
The Jessica Chastain Trilogy comprises three of Brewer's own films: Zero Dark Birthday (2014), :/nterstellar (2015), and The Surface of Mars (2016),
exploring the work, philosophy, and psychic landscapes of Jessica Chastain.
We hope you enjoy.

Zero Dark Birthday (2014)

:/nterstellar (2015)

The Surface of Mars (2016)


POSTPONED - NEW DATE TBD - Jurassic Park: The Musical with Paul Pescador

Saturday, March 28th
$5 Suggested Donation


Join us at OK #1 on Saturday, March 28th at 8pm for Jurassic Park: The Musical, a three-act performance by Los Angeles based artist Paul Pescador.
Rooted in Paul's third-grade ambition to adapt Michael Chrichton's novel Jurassic Park into a stage play, this semi-autobiographical performance oscillates between the naive ambitions of a young Paul,
as he attempts to mobilize a community around the cause of musical theater, and the overzealous scientists of Jurassic Park, struggling to reign in a creation past the point of control.
This performance is part of a larger body of work, titled The Visitors about the artist’s experience growing up in the California Desert.

Featuring fake blood, MORE tap dancing, fossils, etc!

This project was created with support by Tulsa Artist Fellowship. Created by the George Kaiser Family Foundation, Tulsa Artist Fellowship supports both local and national artists while enriching the Tulsa community.


POSTPONED - NEW DATE TBD - Indigenous Perspectives in Science* with Apollonia Piña

*with some reflections from the medical professional school frontlines.

Saturday, April 11th
$5 Suggested Donation


Join us at OK #1 on Saturday, April 11th at 7pm for Indigenous Perspectives in Science* (*with some reflections from the medical professional school frontlines.)
a talk by interdisciplinary researcher Apollonia Piña (Mvskoke (Creek) / Xicana), that touches on the subjects of indigenous perspectives in science and math, classism within medical professional programs,
meritocracy myths, and the argument why a more radical approach to science is needed. This talk is based on her personal research and empirical experiences within academia.


$5 Suggested Donation, email info@okno.one with any questions.

The Museum of Fred with Fred Beshid

Saturday, March 7th
8 pm
$5 Suggested Donation


The Museum of Fred was founded in 2000 by Fred Beshid, "to promote awareness of the contributions made by amateur artists to American cultural heritage."
Now going twenty years strong, the museum has grown into a premiere collection of thrift store paintings, preserved and organized into convenient categories:
and Western

Join us at the storefront Saturday, March 7th at 8pm as Fred himself takes us on a journey through the world that is The Museum of Fred,
see the gems of the collection, and worship at the altar of amateur thrift store painting.

$5 Suggested Donation, email info@okno.one with any questions. Refreshments provided.

How to Tap Dance with Amber Marie Deen

Saturday, February 22nd
$5 Suggested Donation


The workshop of the millenium is here! A new class for a new era! Introducing... How to Tap!
a workshop with Tulsa-based artist and tap dancer Amber Marie Deen.
Join us at the storefront on Saturday, February 22nd from 1-4pm as Amber Marie Deen teaches YOU how to TAP.
No previous experience or tap shoes required for this revolutionary new workshop. We'll spend the first bit of the class crafting our very own tap shoes (bring old sneakers),
before Amber takes us through some of the essential steps of tap dance, and how to link them into our own choreographies
But that's not all! Sunday, February 29th at 8pm aka LEAP DAY, we present to you Tulsa's premier Tap Dance Recital
Friends and Family are invited as we take all that we've learned from this three hour workshop, and dazzle you with incredible displays of talent.

$5 Suggested Donation, email info@okno.one with any questions.

Cheaper Than the Beer: Punk and the Art of Slowness (A Blatz Listening Session) with Pablo de Ocampo

Wednesday, February 19th
$5 Suggested Donation


Join us at OK #1 on Wednesday, February 19th at 8pm for Cheaper Than the Beer: Punk and the Art of Slowness, a Blatz listening session with Pablo de Ocampo, exhibitions curator at Western Front in Vancouver, B.C.
What could be learned about slowness from the short lived Berkeley punk band Blatz’s 1990 7” EP Cheaper Than the Beer?
In this listening session, curator Pablo de Ocampo will play a selection of music to try and think through relevance and implication of punk records from the 1980s and 1990s to contemporary art practices.

$5 Suggested Donation, email info@okno.one with any questions.

Feminism and the Final Girl with Kris Rose

Sunday, January 26th
$5 Suggested Donation


Join us at OK #1 on Sunday, January 26th at 8pm for Feminism and the Final Girl a tribute to 80s horror
with Tulsa-based writer Kris Rose.
In this autobiographical clip-show, Kris walks us through some 80s horror classics, and how their blood-soaked "victims" shaped young-Kris' ideas of feminism.

"Growing up in a small town in Oklahoma as a weird child from a crazy home, I found role models few and far between.
I mostly escaped my dreary and sometimes terrifying existence by watching tons of movies, mostly horror movies.
In this genre I found life lessons about being a woman, surviving horrible circumstances beyond your control, and how to spot creeps at a thousand yards.
Join me for an evening of clips and observations from some of my very favorite movies that influenced my idea of feminism as a young girl.
Featured movies include Hellraiser and Hellraiser II, Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, Waxworks, Night of the Demon, and a few more surprises."

$5 Suggested Donation, email info@okno.one with any questions.

Dyeing and Undyeing with Sydney Smith

Sunday, January 5th
$5 Suggested Donation


Join us at OK #1 on Sunday, January 5th from 4-7pm for Dyeing and Undyeing
with KCAI fiber artist Sydney Smith. Sydney is coming home to Tulsa for the holidays,
and we are eagerly exploiting their visit to bring you an afternoon of food, beer, and dyes.
Sydney will take us through the process of creating your own dye from walnuts,
meanwhile we’ll learn the basics of undyeing with thiox, a chemical used to strip fabric of its color.
We’ll also explore some short youtube-based fabric experiments, and participants will leave with their own walnut ink.
Fabric will be provided, but feel free to bring your own fabric and garments to dye or undye!
This is a drop-in workshop with no RSVP required. Vegan and non-vegan food options will be available!

$5 Suggested Donation, email info@okno.one with any questions.
*update, slight changes made to workshop plans, we will explain when u get there!*
See the worksheet from the workshop here!

Route 66 Swap Meet with Forty Year Vintage

Saturday, December 14th
Bring Ca$h to $pend


Join us at OK #1 and Forty Year Vintage, on Saturday, December 14th from noon to 6pm for the original... the official... the one and only...
We're teaming up with our neighbors at Forty Year Vintage ~~just in time for the holidays~~
to host the finest gathering of merchants and vendors Route 66 has ever seen.
Featuring! Art from Tulsa artists! Furniture! Tamales! Knick-knacks! and much much more
Don't miss out, bring cash!!

The Route 66 Swap Meet is free for vendors to participate, but space is limited.
Please email us at info@okno.one if you'd like to sell your wares!

Beadworking and Featherworking workshops with Barry Belindo

Beadworking - Saturday, November 30th
$25 Fee, RSVP at info@okno.one

Featherworking - Sunday, December 1st
$25 Fee, RSVP at info@okno.one


Join us at OK #1, on Saturday, November 30th from noon to 3pm, and Sunday, December 1st from noon to 3pm,
for beadworking and featherworking workshops with Kiowa/Pawnee artist Barry Belindo.
Arguably one of Oklahoma's greatest living bead and feather workers, Barry Belindo is indulging us with a weekend of art instruction that you must not miss!
Beadworking is an all-purpose introductory workshop, open to everyone and anyone.
Sunday's Featherworking workshop is geared towards featherworking for ceremonial regalia, so is not meant for the casually curious.
If you do not identify as Native American, indigenous, or First Nations, please attend our beadworking workshop instead!
Both workshops are $25 each, space is limited, please RSVP at info@okno.one.

Pretend and Believe: A Beginner's Guide to Advanced Play with Suzanne Schenewerk

Thursday, November 14th
$5 Suggested Donation


Join us at OK #1, on Thursday, November 14th at 7pm for an introduction to live-action role-play (larp),
by Tulsa-based game designer Suzanne Schenewerk. We'll explore the potential of larping as an artistic practice as well as a pastime,
as Schenewerk takes us through the history and breadth of live-action gaming, from interactive theater and improv,
to large-scale multi-day historical recreations, to short-form games for just a few individuals.
We'll consider larp's potential for performance, for self-reflection, for building empathy, and for creating new personal narratives.
The discussion will end with a brief workshop, introducing some basic larp techniques and a quick game.

7 Minutes in Heaven organized by Liz Blood

Tuesday, October 22nd
$5 Suggested Donation

7 mins

OK #1 presents! "7 Minutes in Heaven" organized by Liz Blood, and featuring readers Deborah Hunter, Rhett McNeil, Kris Rose, and Moheb Soliman
Each reader will present a complete story in seven minutes and one wild-card reader will be chosen from the crowd. It could be you!
Bring your seven-minute-or-less story to the event.


Kris Rose grew up in Oklahoma, but spent her youth traveling the U.S by car, train, Greyhound, and thumb.
She is currently writing a book about the Tulsa punk scene for Microcosm Publishing and resides in West Tulsa with her five cats,
four chickens, two dogs, and one husband. If she could choose any other career besides writer,
it would be a late night TV horror movie hostess or the owner of an old-fashioned traveling dime museum.

Deborah J. Hunter, a native Tulsan, is a poet, spoken word artist, essayist, actor, teaching artist, workshop facilitator and social justice activist.
She was presented with a Woman of the Year Pinnacle Award in 2018 and was a 2013 Oklahoma Poet Laureate finalist.
Her work has been published in journals, magazines, and anthologies.
She was awarded the Tulsa Performing Arts Center diversity grant in 2005 and again in 2011 to present her one-woman performance piece in poetic monologues,
"Amazons, Gypsies and Wandering Minstrels." Because of its significant and timely message about women living with trauma,
her most recent essay, “Salvation,” appears in the newly released book, Voices from the Heartland, Volume II.

Moheb Soliman is an interdisciplinary poet from Egypt and the Midwest whose writing, performance,
and installation projects are often oriented by themes of nature, modernity, identity, and belonging.
His forthcoming book through Coffee House Press, "HOMES," explores these through the site of the Great Lakes bioregion/borderland.
Moheb's work has been supported by such institutions as the Joyce Foundation, Banff Centre, and diverse art and public spaces in the U.S. and Canada.
He has degrees from The New School for Social Research and the University of Toronto and was Program Director at the Arab American lit and film organization Mizna before joining the Tulsa Artist Fellowship in 2018.

Rhett McNeil is a translator and writer of various sorts from Texas.
A Tulsa Artist Fellow, he teaches, he writes, he reads in public occasionally, he plays baseball a lot, he plays music here and there.
Most of all, he reads.

One Piece, One Portrait with Ian Byers-Gamber

Wednesday, October 9th
by donation


OK #1 presents! "One Piece, One Portrait" with Los Angeles based artist Ian Byers-Gamber.
Bring your art and yourself to OK #1 on Wednesday, October 9th from 8-10 pm,
for donation-based portraits and art documentation by our esteemed visitor Mr. Byers-Gamber.

Art documentation is an art in itself, requiring the photographer to capture the details and true colors of the work,
while showing your art in the best light possible. Fortunately for us! Ian is a professional photographer of both art and people,
and will be lending his services towards both. Artists of Tulsa, please take advantage of this chance to get a beautiful portrait of yourself,
and photograph of your work. You will not be disappointed!

Ian Byers-Gamber is an artist and freelance art documentarian in Los Angeles, CA. See his work at ianbyersgamber.com, and follow him on instagram @bamblerdander

Grand Opening... Tulsa Talent Show!

Friday, September 20th

Tulsa Talent Show

Join us for the grand opening of OK #1 with Tulsa Talent Show a talent show for Tulsa!

All are invited, don't be shy!
Any effort no matter how unremarkable or poorly conceived will be applauded.
We encourage all to sign-up, and will do our best to accommodate all acts and participants.
5 minute time limit may or may not be enforced. Intriguing prizes to be announced!

To sign up or get more details, email info@okno.one.

Eligible contestants include anyone with...
Abilities, knowledge, skills, stories, collections, curiosities, or talent!

Examples may include...
Animal trainers, beekeepers, clowns, dancers, entertainers, farmers, gamers, HVAC technicians, interpreters (dreams or languages), jockeys, kickboxers, LARPers, magicians, noodlers, oncologists, preppers, quilters, reptile people, synchronized skaters, troglodytes, ultimate fighters, ventriloquists, wedding singers, xylophonists, yearbook editors, or zumba instructors.